Yutaka Imai
Name Yutaka Imai
Kanji 今井 豊
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 7
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Ai Matayoshi
Image gallery for Yutaka Imai

Yutaka Imai is a first year student and Tōru and Miho's classmate.


She has above-the-shoulder length auburn hair and bangs. She has red eyes, but her eyes are often shown as closed. She has quite large breasts, stated by Miho. She has also said that she wears contact lenses, and she can't see very well without them.


She is a "fan" of Tōru, and is obsessed with her. She always tries to hug her and get close to her, stopped by Miho's 3-minute-rule. Her best friend is Miho, whom she calls Miporin. She is very mischievous and shameless, and is envious when Miho and Tōru are chatting.


Miho NoyamaEdit

She is best friends with Miho, whom she calls Miporin.

Tōru IchiiEdit

She is a fan of Tōru and likes to get close to her.

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