Yūko Nishi
Name Yūko Nishi
Kanji 西 由宇子
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Minako Kotobuki
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Yūko Nishi is a second year student and Run and Nagi's classmate. She is the big sister of Keiko. She is one of the main protagonists of A Channel.


Yūko is a beautiful girl with long black hair. She has a tall and endowed figure, which Tōru envies, that's why Yūko is often the subject of Tōru and Nagi's teasing. She is often questioned if she is a model, because of her slender and tall figure. She has purple eyes.


She is a scaredy-cat, getting scared very easily. She says if she closes her eyes, she won't get scared, but Tōru, who enjoys teasing her, prevents Yūko from closing her eyes by staring at her. Nagi also teased her when they went to the school at night, where Yūko got her fright of her life. When she gets uncomfortable, she clings to somebody (specifically Nagi).

She has a knack for cute stuff especially teddy bears, her room was shown that almost all in her room was teddy bear filled, even some posters were there.

She is a very kind, caring, and thoughtful person, because even though Tōru often teases and scares her, she is still kind to her, such as when she insists they celebrate for her birthday even though Tōru says she doesn't need a celebration.

She is also quite a worrywart, shown when she immediately panicked when she mistook the first year's fooling around as a help signal, thinking it was a fire, as well as worrying about Run falling from her chair when she slept during class.


  • "It hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts!" - When she was being hugged by Tōru tightly
  • "You're fine just the way you are!" - to Nagi after telling her to take it easy on her diet


  • Her sizes are 35-22-34 (89-56-87 cm) as stated by Nagi.