Love - An April day
Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Kanji 好き - An April Day
Romaji Suki - An April Day
Air date April 8, 2011
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A Bath on a Rainy Day - As rain fell
Love - An April day is the first episode of the A Channel anime.


Upon visiting her friend, Run, to tell her she managed to get high in school, Tooru finds her in a pickly position with one of her classmates, Yūko, who Tooru takes an instant disliking to. School soon begins, with Tooru brutally murdering to anyone who gets too close to Run, and Yūko and their other friend, Nagi, making sure Run doesn't hurt herself with her aloofness. After school, Tooru admits she feels lonely being in a separate class from herself, but Run assures her that nothing's changed between them.

Featured song:Edit

  • "Gucci Gang"